• The Britlings - Wildcat Glen

    Wildcat Glen

  • The Britlings - Trials & Triumphs

    Trials & Triumphs

  • The Britlings - Letters from Lucky

    Letters from Lucky

  • The Britlings - The Roman Fort

    The Roman Fort

  • The Britlings - The Silver Ship

    The Silver Ship

  • The Adventures of Seabrave

    The Adventures of Seabrave


The Britlings series

"An unexpected and lively take on a relatively obscure period. I liked the names you gave them – Brightleaves and the others. They seemed to make them come alive. It is difficult to get inside the heads of people so distant in time but I thought you plunged straight in and it worked. Well done!"
Alistair Moffat, writer & historian

"Beautifully written, joyful and uplifting. It’s like reading in technicolour! The detail is incredible. What a writer!"
Ailie Cliff, UK

"Nicely paced – easy to read and hard to put down! Peopled with characters of all ages that I could identify with."
Diana Raven, Interfaith Celebrant, UK

"Susan Palmer-Jones is a natural born story-teller, taking the reader by the hand into the magical world she’s created, bringing it alive with vivid detail."
David Bourne, psychotherapist, Sydney, Australia

"I love the characters, the atmosphere of the novels. I am a fan!"
Evelyne Murray-Kerr, English teacher, Monaco

The Adventures of Seabrave

"I couldn't put it down! An adventure at every corner. Really gripping. "
Catriona, aged 11

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